General Resources
Work Order Form
Time sheet PDF
Lab Safety Training
FERPA Review for Faculty and Staff
ABET Assignment Cover Sheet
ABET Submission Form
Visiting Scientist Agreement
Confidential Disclosure Agreement
Key Request Form

Computer Lab FAQs

How do I access the student computer lab?

Key FAQs

I need keys to a lab, how do I get them?
How long does it take for keys to process?
Is there a deposit for keys?


Purchasing Card Form
Reimbursement Form 

Purchasing FAQs

I need to buy something for a research project, how do I do that?
How do I get access to UShop?
I don't understand does it work?
What if a vendor doesn't accept UShop, what do I do next?
How does a campus order work?
I need to order gas for my research lab, who do I contact?
Can I just pay for product myself and get reimbursed later?
How long does it take to get my reimbursement?
How will I be reimbursed?

Pre-Travel Registration Form
Post-Travel Reimbursement Form (must be obtained from office)

Travel FAQs

How do I book my travel to a conference, meeting or other University endorsed function?
How do I know what account to charge?
What signatures do I need in order to book my travel?
Can I book my own flight?
Can I drive to my destination?
How do I book my hotel room?
What are the best modes of transportation while on travel?
How do I get reimbursed for my meals?
How do I pay for my conference fees?
Can I get reimbursed before my trip?
How do I get reimbursed after my trip?
How long does it take to get my reimbursement?
How will I be reimbursed?

Employee Resources

New Hire Information
Time Sheet PDF
Teaching Assistants

Employee FAQs

When will I get paid?
Where do I find my end of year tax documents?
Why did my tax withdrawl change?
How do I complete a W4?
Where do I get my ID card?
How can I get a parking permit?
How do I change my benefits?
Tax Questions?