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Computer Lab FAQs

How do I access the student computer lab?

MSE students will now have the ability to access remotely the programs installed on the computer in the MSE computer lab. For instruction on how access or install the remote desktop, please visit:

If you have forgotten your CADE username/password, or have not establish one, please visit:

We currently have 6 computers in the East and 6 computer in the West lab that the students can access. Now, there is an additional 10 remote desktops per room students can access. The remote desktop assess coincide with the number of available computers, so if all 16 computers (physical OR remote) are logged-in on in the East computer lab, there might be availability in the West lab.

Key FAQs

I need keys to a lab, how do I get them?
Complete the Key Request Form.
How long does it take for keys to process?
The department does not issue keys, it is done by the University Key Office. Depending on the time of year the request may take between 2-3 weeks. There is a high volume of requests done at the beginning and end of each semester, please be mindful of this.

You will be emailed when the keys are ready to be picked up.

Is there a deposit for keys?
Yes. There is a $20 cash deposit for keys that will need to be paid to the MSE office before keys are given to you. This $20 is fully refundable upon your return of the keys at the end of your employment, research or visit.

Your deposit will not be returned if your keys are lost, broken or given to another student/visitor/researcher. Do not share or hand your keys over to anyone, your are responsible for your keys.


Purchasing Card Form
UShop Buying Request
Reimbursement Form

Purchasing FAQs

I need to buy something for a research project, how do I do that?
There are a few ways to go about it. If you are purchasing items on campus, you will need a Campus Order to complete your purchase. If you are looking to purchase items from an off-campus vendor you will most likely need to gain access to UShop to complete your purchase. If you have questions on what route you need to take, please ask Josh in the MSE offices.
How do I get access to UShop?
To gain access you will need approval from your faculty advisor/PI. It is suggested that you talk to your advisor first, many advisors/PIs limit UShop shoppers in their group. But, if your advisor/PI approves you being a purchaser you will need to email Joshua ( in the MSE office with the request with your advisor/PI being copies on the email.

Joshua will reply back with a link of training videos to become a purchaser. The videos take approximately 45 minutes to view. Once you finish watching them email Josh and he will give you access.

It takes approximately 1-2 business days for approval to be given. Once approval is given you can access UShop and purchase items as needed.

I don't understand does it work?
Don’t worry – many of us don’t either, the system is relatively new so they provided an indepth FAQ section. It is highly recommended to check here first for questions you may have.
What if a vendor doesn't accept UShop, what do I do next?
If a vendor doesn’t accept UShop’s purchase order, the item can usually be bought via the department’s purchase card. Please see Purchase Card Form and return it to the MSE office.
How does a campus order work?
A campus order is only good on campu where goods and services are exchanged between campus departments. Campus orders are essentially a University check.

To obtain a campus order please see Josh in the MSE offices. You will need to provide the following in order to process the campus order: the department you are paying and the account/project you are paying with.

The office will complete the form and you will need to have your faculty advisor/PI sign the campus order before you take it to the department you are paying. Please return your receipts to your faculty advisor/PI for their records.

I need to order gas for my research lab, who do I contact?
Each lab is responsible for ordering their gasses from General Stores. The MSE office does not place or make orders for gas. You can order via the online General Sotres at or by calling 801-581-8671.

Dana Grant is a great contact in the General Stores and can help you order the needed gas or items for your lab.

Can I just pay for product myself and get reimbursed later?
No. But, sometimes yes. If you have exhausted resources online and with UShop then you must contact Josh for pre-approval. If approved, you can pay with your own personal funds. But, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

First, you must be charged sales tax. If you are not, or are given the University’s tax exempt status on your purchase – you will not be reimbursed.

Second, you won’t be reimbursed for tax.This is state law that was instituted in 2012, so please be aware of it. As much as we would love to reimburse you tax – we just can’t.

Third, you must return your original itemized receipt to Josh. Copies will not be accepted.

Fourth, get the needed paperwork from Josh to process your reimbursement. This will include needing signatures from your faculty advisor/PI and yourself.

But, please remember to get pre-approval first, otherwise you will not be reimbursed.

How long does it take to get my reimbursement?
Upon your return your reimbursement paperwork should be processed within 3-5 business days. Once paperwork is signed by other approvers it may take between 2-3 weeks for a check to be processed and mailed to the MSE Offices.
How will I be reimbursed?
All reimbursements will be done via check unless you have signed up for automatic deposit. Checks are mailed to the MSE Offices. You will be notified  once a check arrives for you.
Faculty Resources

MSE RPT Guidelines

METE RPT Guidelines 2000

METE RPT Guidelines 2014

ABET Submission


Pre-Travel Registration Form (University Travel is Restricted until May 2021)
Post-Travel Reimbursement Form (Contact Joshua about travel reimbursement)
Virtual Conference Registration Process

Travel FAQs

How do I book my travel to a conference, meeting or other University endorsed function?

The easy answer is – go see Josh (in the MSE Offices, 304 CME). He can guide you through the paperwork and booking process for your travel. He is the source for any questions you have or that’s not answered here in the FAQs.

Josh, will give you a Pre-Travel form that needs to be filled out and signed by you and your Faculty Advisor/PI. You must declare the intent of your travel and with whom you’re meeting during your trip.

If your travel is being paid by a third party and you are still doing University business, you still must register your travel with the office. By registering your travel the University is made aware of your travel should anthying happen during your travel that requires University assistance and resources.

How do I know what account to charge?
You will need to confirm the account with your faculty advisor/PI as you fill out the Pre-Travel form. Make sure travel is budgeted and allowed by the project/account. By signing the Pre-Travel form along with your faculty advisor/PI signature – you are confirming that the given project/account is correct and will allow your travel.
What signatures do I need in order to book my travel?
There are two needed signatures on your Pre-Travel form – your’s and your faculty advisor/PI. Forms that are not signed by both parties will not be processed thus delaying the booking of flights and other amenities
Can I book my own flight?
No. All flights have to be booked through the MSE office and the University’s Travel agency. Flights that are not booked through the University’s travel agency cannot be refunded. If your host or a third party is paying for your airfare you may book through their travel agency. But, remember that you must register your trip with the MSE office before your trip.
Can I drive to my destination?
Yes and No. Depending on your location and the price of airfare. Register your trip first and ask the office if traveling by car would be allowed for that destination. Car travel in-state and some location in neighboring states (ie: Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, and Wyoming) is allowed, but you must check with the office first.
How do I book my hotel room?
You are responsible for booking your hotel room. The University can help make reservations, but your credit card is needed to make the the reservation and the process is much, much easier if you reserve it yourself. So we recommend that you reserve your hotel yourself and bring back the receipt for reimbursement.

If you are attending a conference it is highly recommended that you book your accommodations at or near the hotel. Many times conference goers will be given discounts. If you are unable to stay at the hosting hotel, staying close nearby will help cut costs of car rental, taxis and other travel.

Make sure to get a printed receipt from the hotel lobby with an itemized nightly rate to include in your reimbursement. This information is required by the Travel Office for all travel reimbursements.

What are the best modes of transportation while on travel?
There are a number of modes of transportation you may use depending on what your faculty advisor/PI approves. The cheapest mode is to travel via taxi or Uber/Lyft, especially if you don’t need to travel much between your hotel and the conference center or meeting place.

If there is a need to rent a car, please check with your faculty advisor/PI to see if this route is feasible. Many times it is much easier and cheaper to rely on public transportation, taxis and Uber/Lyft. If you have questions on what would be the best option see Josh for counsel.

How do I get reimbursed for my meals?
There are two methods of meal reimbursement. You can be reimbursed for receipts only or be given a Per Diem for your travel. The option you decide is between you and your faculty advisor/PI.

If you choose to be reimbursed via receipts, please remember that only original itemized receipts will be accepted by the travel Offices. Copies and non-itemized receipts will not be accepted.

If you choose to be reimbursed via a Per Diem, it is important to note that the rate of your Per Diem is based upon your location of travel by the Federal Government. Your travel rates vary approximately 25% lower on days you are traveling and meal reductions are made for meals provided by hosts, including in conference fees and continental breakfasts provided by your hotel.

It is important to note that even if you choose not to eat the continental breakfasts or conference provided meals you cannot be reimbursed for these meals. They are considered as part of your registration or hotel payment.

How do I pay for my conference fees?
It is advised that you pay the conference directly. Conference fees can be reimbursed before or after your trip. If you wish to be reimbursed before you leave, you will need to see Josh in the MSE offices regarding the procedures.

If you cannot afford the conference fee, a check can be cut directly to the conference. Please be mindful that this is done through the University and not the Department and that you should do this 2-3 months before your conference’s registration deadline. See Josh for more details on this option.

Can I get reimbursed before my trip?
Yes and No.

You can be reimbursed for items that you have already paid for – including hotel and registration fee. Hotel reimbursements have to be when they are pre-paid, not simply a reservation.

Per Diem and other reimbursements will need to wait to be reimbursed upon your return. Most travelers will wait upon their return to do a reimbursement. But, if you have questions on what can or cannot be reimbursed before your trip see Josh in the MSE offices.

How do I get reimbursed after my trip?
Upon your return please retrieve the Post-Travel reimbursement form in the MSE offices. This form will be what you will turn in along with your lodging, conference fees and other travel reimbursement receipts.

This form requires an account and signatures from both you and your faculty advisor/PI. Please be detailed in your information and you MUST turn in original receipts – copies will not be accepted.

Once your reimbursement is turned in to the office, Josh will process your reimbursement and contact you when it is ready for your signature. Josh will garner the other needed signatures from your faculty advisor/PI and/or the Dean (for international travel).

How long does it take to get my reimbursement?
Upon your return your reimbursement paperwork should be processed within 3-5 business days. Once paperwork is signed by other approvers it may take between 2-3 weeks for a check to be processed and mailed to the MSE Offices.
How will I be reimbursed?
All reimbursements will be done via check unless you have signed up for automatic deposit. Checks are mailed to the MSE office. You will be notified once a check arrives for you.
Employee Resources

New Hire Information
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Teaching Assistants

Employee FAQs

When will I get paid?
Payroll is bi-monthly. The first pay period is the 1st to the 15th. The second pay period is the 16th to the end of the month. Payday is every 7th and 22th of the month. If payday falls on Saturday or Sunday pay will be deposited the Friday before.
Where do I find my end of year tax documents?
End of year tax documents can be found on CIS.
Why did my tax withdrawl change?
When a student employee’s credit hours drop below 6 for undergraduate students and 3 for graduate students during a particular pay period, they will see FICA taxes withheld (Social Security and Medicare).
How do I complete a W4?
All employees must complete a W4 electronically on CIS. For a copy of the W4 please see website Click here for W4 FAQs.
Where do I get my ID card?
ID Cards can be obtained at the U-Card offices located at University Union at 200 South Central Campus Drive, room 225. For more information go to
How can I get a parking permit?
For information about purchasing a parking permit, please go to
How do I change my benefits?
Click here for updates/changes to your benefits.
Tax Questions?
Any questions regarding payroll taxes can be directed towards Tax Services & Payroll Accounting at 801-581-3428 or their website at