2019 Lecture Series2018 Lecture Series

August 22 - Taylor Sparks, How to Lose an Audience in 10 Minutes: Changing the Way We Communicate Science
August 29 - Brian Van Devner, Nano-Imaging and Surface Analysis Lab: A Materials Characterization Lab with Ultra High Resolution Imaging and Spectroscopic Instruments
September 5 - Dengpan Dong, Role of Molecular Dynamics Simulations in the Study of Energy-storage Materials
September 12 - Mark England & Alfred Mowdood, Willing Suspension of Integrity: Research Misconduct & Academic Pitfalls
September 19 - Venkata Atluri, Hydrophobic Surface State of Talc Structures and the Influence of Polysaccharide Adsorption
September 26 - Weiping Liu, Surface Chemistry Characteristics Associated with Bastnaesite Flotation by Lauryl Phosphate
October 3 - Nadine Kabengi, Using Microcalorimetry and Reactions Energetics to Probe the Surface of Metal Oxides Nanomaterials
October 10 - Fall Break NO SEMINAR
October 17 - Wenda Tan, Multi-scale Modeling of Thermo-fluid Dynamics and Microstrucutre Evolution in Laser-based Manufacturing
October 24 - Xiaojuan Ni, Instrinsic Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Two-dimensional Anilato-based Lattice
October 31 - Ashley Spear, A multi-scale, multi-physics modeling framework to predict spatial variation of properties in additive-manufactured metals
November 7 - Benjamin Fransen, Investigations of Local Atomic and Magnetic Structure in Complex Materials
November 14 - Qingxia Liu, Dynamic Interaction between a Millimeter-Sized Bubble and Surface Microbubbles in Water
November 21 - Nora Alnajjar, Electrodeposition of U and Th from Molten LiCl-KCI onto a Pt Surface for Actinide Monitoring Using Alpha Spectroscopy & Jake Graser, Breadth vs Accuracy of Predicting Across Many Crystal Structures
November 28 - Jim Steppan, Industrial Applications of Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Materials Science and Engineering
December 5 - Yinong Yin, Thermoelectric properties of zinc oxide dually doped by trivalent elements M (M=In, Al, Ga, Bi, B)
December 12 - Chett Boxley