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Wednesday, February 15, 2023, “Magnesium Metal and Other Products Extracted from the Great Salt Lake,” Tom Tripp, Director of Technical Services Manager and Development, US Magnesium.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023, “Nevada Gold Mines: Gold Ore Types and Processing Methods,George Benthen, Nevada Gold Mines, Elko, Nevada.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023, “Separation and characterization of engineered and environmental nanoparticles by field-flow fractionation,” Dr. Shoeleh Assemi, Imessa Research.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023, "Phyllosilicates – Primary Particles, Clusters and Flocs," Dr. Jan D. Miller, Ivor Thomas Distinguished Professor, Materials Science & Engineering, University of Utah

Wednesday, January 18, 2023, "The Energy Transition in Perspective," Dr. Sidney Green, President, Enhanced Production, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023, "X-Ray Tomography for Mineral Processing Technology – 3D Particle Characterization from Mine to Mill," Jiaqi Jin, Assistant Professor.

Wednesday 4 March 2020, Lingfeng He, “Advanced Characterization of Oxide Fuels.”
Wednesday 26 February 2020, Clark Nielson, “Porous Fluorapatite Bone Scaffolds: From tissue replacement towards tissue regeneration,” and Jake Graser, “Synthesis and Characterization of Machine Learning Predicted Thermoelectric Materials.”
Wednesday 19 February 2020, Zongliang Zhang, PhD Candidate, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Utah, “Finding a System for Efficient Lithium Isotope Separation with Diffusion and Electrochemical Migration.”
Wednesday, February 12, 2020, Danielle Beatty, “Multi-Principal Element Alloy design, fabrication, and characterization for use in extreme environments,” and Curtis Session, “Molecularly imprinted hydrogels for ophthalmic drug delivery.”
Wednesday, February 5, 2020, Prof. Ravi Chandran, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Utah, “Computational Design, Rapid Processing, and Characterization of Multi-Class Titanium Materials.”
Wednesday, January 29, 2020, Prof. Glenn Sjoden, Professor, Energy Solutions Presidential Endowed Chair, Nuclear Engineering Program, Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Utah, “Radiation Transport Tools Supporting Computational Simulations in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Utah.”
Wednesday, January 22. 2020, Parker Okabe, PhD candidate, Nuclear Engineering, “Volatilization of Actinides and Transition Metals,” and Haruka Pinegar, PhD candidate, Metallurgical Engineering, “Thermal Reduction Treatment of Waste Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode Material by Hydrogen.”
Wednesday, January 15 2020, Dr. Manish Wasnik, PhD Metallurgical Engineering, “Dechlorination of Radioactive Electrorefiner (ER) Salt Waste via Ion Exchange Using Ultrastable H-Y Zeolite.”
Wednesday, January 8, 2020, Dr. Alexis Clare, Professor, Glass Engineering, Inamori School of Engineering, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, “Optical Properties of Glass.”


August 21 - Jake Amoroso - Engineering Materials to Endure for Millenia in the Earth's Crust
August 28 - Jean Luc Doumont
September 4 - Mahsa Ebrahiminia, PhD candidate, Materials Science & Engineering, “Structural, Mechanical, and Dynamical Properties of Amorphous Li2CO3 from Molecular Dynamics Simulations," and Marcus Parry, PhD candidate, Materials Science & Engineering, “Lattice strain, texture development, and incompressibility of superhard Mo0.9W1.1BC and ReWC0.8"
September 11 - Dr. Dev Chidambaram, Professor of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Nevada Reno, “Effect of metallic Li on materials."
September 18 - Dr. Eric R. Homer, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University, “Using Machine Learning, Math, and Genomic Analysis to Discover the Physics Controlling Metallic Interfaces."
September 25 - Hammad Malik, PhD Candidate, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Utah, “ - Tailoring the Anodically formed Titanium Nanotubes for Water Disinfection."
October 4, 2019, Dr. Taylor Sparks, Materials Science & Engineering, University of Utah, “Poster Assignment.”
October 9 - Fall Break NO SEMINAR
October 16 - Dr. David Fullwood, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University, “HRDIC and EBSD Study of Slip-band Behavior."
October 23 - Dr. Troy Munro, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University, “Nuclear Fuels: Material Science in Extreme Environments."
October 30 - Dr. Oliver Johnson, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University, “ - Google and Grain Boundary Networks (or, Can you Hear the Structure of a Grain Boundary Network?)”
November 6 - Dr. John Hoffman, Principal Scientist (Glass), Insulation Systems, R&D Core Technologies, Owens Corning, “Fiber Material Chemistry and Its Relationship to Disease Potential.”November 13, 2019, Dr. Jan Hupka, Professor, Department of Process Engineering and Chemical Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland, “Functioning of the ASH/SFR reactor in field applications.”
November 20 - Wyatt McNeil, Emma Faulkner
November 25, 2019, Levi Gardner, PhD candidate, Metallurgical Engineering, “Synthesis and Characterization of Sintered H-Y Zeolite-Derived Waste Forms for Dehalogenated Electrorefiner Salt,” and Xiaojuan Ni, PhD candidate, Materials Science & Engineering, “Percolation Model for Multicomponent Nanocarbon Composites: Synergistic Effect and the Critical Role of Nematic Transition.”

January 9 - Jun Du, Computational Design, Processing and Properties of Nanostructured TiB Ceramics

January 16 - Michael Simpson, Prospects for Use of Molton Salts in Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems

January 23 - Ahmed Degnah, Design, Synthesis and Properties of Titanium Metal Matrix Composites Based on Ti-B-Fe System
January 30 - Kaai Kauwe, An introduction to materials informatics
February 6 - Michael Simpson, Prospects for Use of Molten Salts in Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems
February 13 - Adam Burak, Study of Lithium Oxide Entrainment in Reduced Uranium Particles Formed from Electrolytic Reduction of UO2 in Molten Lithium Chloride-Lithium Oxide Salt
February 20 - Yinong Yin, Effect of Thickness on the Thermoelectric Properties of Ca3Co4O9 Thin Films
February 27 - Joe Bryan, Climate Change, Clean Energy and National Security - Why US Leadership Matters
March 6 - Dr. Raj Rajamani, Electrodynamic Sorting of Light Metals
March 13 Spring Break NO LECTURE
March 20 - Rahul Sarkar, Interactions of iron/iron oxide and David Magginetti, Solvent-based delimination
March 27 Logan Kiefer, Temperature effects on the electrochromic optical transitions of ethyl viologen diperchlorate-based electrochromic devices & Chris Hancock, High Resolution Strain Tracking of Elestomers Under Tensil Loading with the Aid of Video Capture and Computer Vision
April 3 - Joshua Winger, A model of Grain Growth in DcTe Thin Films during CdCI2 Treatment & Samuel Sprawls, Neutron and Gamma Radiation of GaN
April 10 - Ashley Kennedy, Fabrication of biodegradable, superoleophilic, kappy carrageenan-based sorbents for absorption of oil spills. Alex Szendrei, Use of Embedded Electrodes to Resolve Anode and Cathode Electrode Impedance in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
April 17
April 24

August 22 - Taylor Sparks, How to Lose an Audience in 10 Minutes: Changing the Way We Communicate Science
August 29 - Brian Van Devner, Nano-Imaging and Surface Analysis Lab: A Materials Characterization Lab with Ultra High Resolution Imaging and Spectroscopic Instruments
September 5 - Dengpan Dong, Role of Molecular Dynamics Simulations in the Study of Energy-storage Materials
September 12 - Mark England & Alfred Mowdood, Willing Suspension of Integrity: Research Misconduct & Academic Pitfalls
September 19 - Venkata Atluri, Hydrophobic Surface State of Talc Structures and the Influence of Polysaccharide Adsorption
September 26 - Weiping Liu, Surface Chemistry Characteristics Associated with Bastnaesite Flotation by Lauryl Phosphate
October 3 - Nadine Kabengi, Using Microcalorimetry and Reactions Energetics to Probe the Surface of Metal Oxides Nanomaterials
October 10 - Fall Break NO SEMINAR
October 17 - Wenda Tan, Multi-scale Modeling of Thermo-fluid Dynamics and Microstrucutre Evolution in Laser-based Manufacturing
October 24 - Xiaojuan Ni, Instrinsic Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Two-dimensional Anilato-based Lattice
October 31 - Ashley Spear, A multi-scale, multi-physics modeling framework to predict spatial variation of properties in additive-manufactured metals
November 7 - Benjamin Fransen, Investigations of Local Atomic and Magnetic Structure in Complex Materials
November 14 - Qingxia Liu, Dynamic Interaction between a Millimeter-Sized Bubble and Surface Microbubbles in Water
November 21 - Nora Alnajjar, Electrodeposition of U and Th from Molten LiCl-KCI onto a Pt Surface for Actinide Monitoring Using Alpha Spectroscopy & Jake Graser, Breadth vs Accuracy of Predicting Across Many Crystal Structures
November 28 - Jim Steppan, Industrial Applications of Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Materials Science and Engineering
December 5 - Yinong Yin, Thermoelectric properties of zinc oxide dually doped by trivalent elements M (M=In, Al, Ga, Bi, B)
December 12 - Chett Boxley