The Materials Science & Engineering Advancement Student Society (MASS), is a student group established to promote communication and interaction among students, faculty, staff and administrators. MASS is both an academic and social organization for the department. It is designed to promote academic and social activities, provide service opportunities, encourage participation in the departmental activities, and promote academic achievement. The MASS is the voice of the undergraduate student body in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.


Materials Science & Engineering Advancement Student Society


Graduate Student Advisory Council

Millie Heiner

MASS President


Brian Eisner

GSAC President


MSE Presidents: Nicole Mortensen & Kai Barrera Secretary: Jeffrey Lingen Outreach Coordinator: Devon Carlstrom Social Coordinator: Kaylon Draney Freshman Coordinator: Garrett Connolly Commitee Members: Jerry Howard Jano Farah Alan Beuker Andrew Erickson Becca Izatt Elise Buki Ian McCollough Janell Donegan Mariela Zenobia Landeo Millie Heiner Mitch Child Monica Mahoney Zoe Stone
MSE Presidents: Brian Eisner Commitee Members:      Karthikeyan Baskaran, Ramanamurali Srinivansan, Freddy Sime, Nicole Mortensen, Husain Alnaser, Jarom Chamberlain, Gurjyot Sethi, Alberto Puga, Aditya Choudhary

MASS student group Fall 2019