Jeff Bates

Polymer synthesis, Polymer degradation, Sustainable polymers

Ravi Chandran

Alloy Design and Processing, Ceramics, Composites

Siva Guruswamy

Solidification processing, Powder metallurgy, Crystal growth

Huiwen Ji

Single-crystal growth, Solid-state synthesis

Mark Koopman


Swomitra Mohanty

Applied nanomaterials synthesis, 3D printing of smart hydrogels

Prashant K Sarswat

Thin films, Sol-gel processing, Elevated temperature processes

Mike Scarpulla

Vacuum deposition, OMVPE

H.Y. Sohn

Plasma synthesis; Chemical Vapor Synthesis

Ashutosh Tiwari

Pulsed Laser Deposition, Sol-gel syntheis

Chen Wang

Organic synthesis and polymer chemistry, Photopolymerization

Ling Zang

Molecular Self-Assembly