Registration Requirements

Students participating in the TBP must be:
  • Full-time, matriculated graduate students in good standing maintain cumulative GPA of 3.0. Students on academic probation are not eligible for a Graduate School tuition benefit.
  • TBP full-time student status means registration for at least nine credit hours throughout the semester (Fall and Spring).  RAs must not exceed 11 credit hours in Fall and Spring semesters and three credit hours in Summer semester.
    • Students entering their last two semesters on the TBP and have completed all their program course requirements, can request to the department that they receive a waiver to register for only 3 credit hours of Thesis Research (MSE 7970). After the residency requirement has been met (two consecutive semesters of nine hours or more), graduate students who are registered for three credit hours of Thesis Research hours are considered full-time status. Students should only ever register for 3 credit hours while on the TBP after first seeking a waiver through the MSE department and in their last two semesters.
TPB covers:
  • Non-resident tuition is covered in full, except for in cases of RAs who have exceeded 84 cumulative credit hours. At that point, the benefit will only cover resident tuition for RAs. This condition will be implemented in the semester when cumulative registration exceeds 84 credit hours as a University of Utah graduate student. RA’s who have finished their coursework may register for 9 thesis hours ONLY to avoid being charged nonresident tuition.
  • Undergraduate, contract, and/or audited courses, repeated courses, and credit/noncredit courses count toward the required minimum nine credit hours but do not qualify for a tuition benefit. The benefit will not pay for those courses.
  • For information on the Graduate Subsidized Health Insurance Program, please click here.


A graduate tuition benefit is available only to graduate students compensated through the University of Utah. The TBP covers general graduate tuition and mandatory fees. Differential tuition charged by various university graduate and professional programs is the responsibility of the graduate student, department, and/or college. Students may participate in the TBP for a limited number of semesters, which need not be sequential. Time limits for participation in the TBP are as follows:

  1. Students in a master’s program are limited to two years (four semesters) of tuition benefit support.
  2. Students in a doctoral program who entered with a bachelor’s degree are limited to five years (10 semesters) of tuition benefit support.
  3. Students in a doctoral program who also received a master’s degree at the University of Utah are limited to five years of tuition benefit support (two years for a master’s + three additional years for a doctorate).
  4. Students entering a doctoral program with a master’s degree from another university are eligible for four years (eight semesters) of tuition benefit support.

IMPORTANT: Students adding and/or dropping courses after the semester’s published add/drop deadlines are responsible for any and all charges incurred, including withdrawals. Tuition benefit will not pay for withdrawn credit hours, and if registration falls below nine credit hours at any time during the semester, a student becomes ineligible for TBP participation and will be billed the full tuition for that semester.

For additional information on the TBP, please click here.

84 Credit Hour Rule for Research Assistant Graduate Students

Graduate students are allowed to take graduate level courses that were approved by the Supervisory Committee and will advance their thesis/dissertation; however there is a limit of 84 credit hours of coursework that is allowed to be covered under the TBP at resident rates. International students must plan to accomplish coursework during their first 84 credit hours covered by Tuition Benefits or they will be responsible for payment as outlined by The Graduate School regarding the 84 Credit Hour Rule. Payment of tuition over the 84 hour rule will be calculated at the non-resident rate.

Student Health Insurance

Subsidized Health Insurance

Subsidized insurance is available to TAs and RAs who are receiving a full 100% tuition benefit. They may hold both a TA and an RA position (with the total adding up to 100% tuition benefit) to qualify. The insurance is the same Student Health Insurance policy offered to all U of U students, as well as dental and vision insurance provided through Educators Mutual Insurance. Coverage for dependents is not subsidized.

Rates and brochures for the health insurance policy are available online at

Click here to access information on the EMI Dental/Vision .

Unsubsidized Health Insurance

Students who are not eligible for the subsidized program under the Tuition Benefit Plan, but would like to enroll in the program at their own cost, should visit: To enroll, click here than click on “Explore Policy” then “Enroll Now,” which is on the bottom right hand corner. Questions relating to the standard U of U health insurance should be directed to Kerry Hill or students can call 801-581-5804.

Additional information is available from Student Health Services (

For those students not eligible for the subsidized health insurance, it will be their responsibility to enroll themselves in a health insurance plan. It is also the student’s responsibility to be aware of open enrollment periods and deadlines. 

MSE Department staff and faculty cannot advise students on matters related to health insurance plans. Questions should be directed to the appropriate office, please use the links above to find information and further assistance.