This reimbursement form is for students who are not employed by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, College of Engineering, College of Mines and Earth Sciences, College of Science and the University of Utah. All paid employees of the University of Utah will need to access the Concur Travel system to seek reimbursement for travel receipts.

If you have questions regarding this form or process please email Joshua.

Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement
Are you an employee of the University of Utah? *
Please use name used on Government issued documentations and ID.
Replace the "u" in your uNID number with a 0.
Please provide University issue email
Please include city and state or country.
A numeric account or project number is required for all travel registration forms.
The PI of the stated account/project is required. If you are the PI please note "SELF" in the comment form.
Please mark all that apply.
Please explain in DETAIL the purpose of your trip -- what conference you are attending and with whom you are meeting with and why.
If you are attending a conference, please mark all that apply.
Conference/Meeting Registration Receipt
Maximum upload size: 51.2MB
Conference Documentation (please provide a brochure, print out of session you presented or other meeting documentation showing your name).
Maximum upload size: 51.2MB
Hotel Receipt
Maximum upload size: 51.2MB
Car Rental and/or Gas Receipts
Maximum upload size: 51.2MB
Taxi, Bus/Shuttle, Uber/Lyft Receipts
Maximum upload size: 51.2MB
Misc. Travel Expenses (airfare, poster printing, internet access, etc.)
Maximum upload size: 51.2MB