Jeff Bates

Sustainable Polymers, Environmental Degradation, End-of-life, Life cycle analysis

Dmitry Bedrov

PFAS  Sequestration

Michael Free

Electrowinning, Purification, Ion separation, Recycling

Jiaqi Jin

Recovery/utilization of energy and mineral resources, Recycling

Mark Koopman

Life cycle analysis, Energy analysis

Jan Miller

Coal (Resin), Oil Sands, Nonmetallic Minerals, Metallic Minerals

Swomitra Mohanty

Water purification, Air purification, Mitigation of biological pathogens, heavily metal detection

Prashant K. Sarswat

Metal and Plastic Recycling

Michael Simpson

Recycling nuclear fuel

H.Y. Sohn

Hydrogen ironmaking, flash ironmaking

Chen Wang

Plastic upcycling, Closed-loop recyclable polymers

Xinbo Yang

E-waste recycling, mine waste remediation

Ling Zang

Fluorescence Sensor, Optoelectronic Sensor