Michael Simpson

Department Chair and Professor
Office: CME 304
Phone: 801-581-4013
Email: michael.simpson@utah.edu

Research Interests

Nuclear fuel pyroprocessing, Molten salt electrochemistry and spectroscopy.
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Taylor Sparks

Associate Chair and Professor
Office: CME 314
Phone: 801-581-8632
Email: sparks@eng.utah.edu

Research Interest

Materials informatics and using machine learning to discover, synthesize, and characterize new energy materials.
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Jeff Bates

Assistant Professor
Office: CME 211
Phone: 801-585-0863
Email: jeff.bates@utah.edu

Research Interest

My research is in polymer materials used in health care and sustainability applications. My current research projects are aimed at hydrogels and their uses in optical drug delivery, stimuli-responsive materials in the design of self-monitoring irrigation systems, phase change materials used for thermal management systems, and super absorbent polymers that will degrade under environmental conditions for use by women in developing countries for personal hygiene.

Dmitry Bedrov

Associate Professor
Office: CME 207
Phone: 801-585-3949
Email: d.bedrov@utah.edu

Research Interest

My research interest lies in the area of multiscale modeling of soft-condensed matter systems that exhibit complex, multiscale structure often arising from molecular and super-molecular self-assembly.

Darryl Butt

Professor & Dean of the College of Mines and Earth Sciences
Office: FASB 205
Phone: 801-581-8767
Email: darryl.butt@utah.edu

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Krista Carlson

Assistant Professor
Office: WBB 416
Phone: 801-587-9016
Email: krista.carlson@utah.edu

Research Interests

Melt and sol-gel derived glasses, development of high specific surface area membranes for pollutant capture, electrocatalytic materials for water disinfection and biofilm destruction.

Ravi Chandran

Office: WBB 409
Phone: 801-581-7197
Email: ravi.chandran@utah.edu

Research Interests

Physical Metallurgy and Mechanical Behavior of Materials. Research focus on fatigue and fracture mechanics, materials processing, Li-ion battery material science, modeling of diffusion phenomena, first principles methods and computational alloy design. Also performs failure analysis investigations to determine the root cause of failures in materials and structures.

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Dr. Richard Cohen

Office: CME 319
Phone: na
Email: richard.cohen@utah.edu

Dr. Raymond Cutler

Office: CME 210
Phone: na
Email: r.cutler@utah.edu

Zhigang Zak Fang

Office: WBB 405
Phone: 801-581-8128
Email: zak.fang@utah.edu

Research Interests

Cemented tungsten carbide, metal hydrides for hydrogen and thermal energy storage.

Michael Free

Office: WBB 417
Phone: 801-585-9798
Email: michael.free@utah.edu

Research Interests

Hydrometallurgy and electrometallurgy applied in the electrodeposition of novel materials.

Sivaraman Guruswamy

Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, & Associate Dean for Academics, CMES
Office: WBB 411/413
Phone: 801-581-7217
Email: s.guruswamy@utah.edu

Research Interests

Physical metallurgy, Magnetic and Magnetostrictive Materials, UV and THz Plasmonic Metamaterials, and Materials Processing.

Justin Hooper

Research Assistant Professor
Office: CME 206
Phone: 801-585-7171
Email: j.b.hooper@utah.edu

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Mark Koopman

Research Professor
Email: mark.koopman@utah.edu

Research Interest

The Effects of Molybdenum Additions on the Sintering and Mechanical Behavior of Ultrafine-Grained Tungsten.

Chen-Luh Lin

Research Professor Emeritus
Office: WWB 205
Phone: 801-581-5309
Email: chenluh.lin@utah.edu

Research Interest

Particle damage and exposure analysis in HPGR crushing of selected copper ores for column leaching.

Feng Liu

Office: CME 213
hone: 801-587-7719
Email: fliu@eng.utah.edu

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the materials modeling and simulation from the atomic to mesoscopic scales. We develop and apply both first-principles computational methods and phenomenological theoretical models to study a wide spectrum of materials properties in various materials systems. Most recently, we have focused on modeling and simulation of properties of surfaces and interfaces, growth mechanisms of thin films, and self-assembly and self-organization of nanostructures.
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Jan Miller

Ivor D. Thomas Disinguished Professor
Office: WBB 216
Phone: 801-581-5160
Email: jan.miller@utah.edu

Research Interests

Mineral processing and coal preparation, flotation separations.

Manoranjan Misra

Professor Emeritus
Office: WBB 210
Phone: 801-573-5614
Email: mano.misra@utah.edu

Research Interests

Renewable and alternate energy, biofuels, nuclear waste recycling.

Swomitra Mohanty

Assistant Professor
Office: WWB 209A
Phone: 801-587-7299
Email: swomitra.mohanty@utah.edu

Research Interests

Titanium-oxide nanotubes for organic compounds (VOCs) detection for disease diagnosis.

Raj Rajamani

Office: WWB 410
Phone: 801-581-3107
Email: raj.rajamani@utah.edu

Research Interests

Discrete element methods in the modeling of charge motion in ball mill grinding.

Prashant Sarswat

Research Associate Professor
Email: prashant.sarswat@utah.edu

Research Interests

Laser-Assisted Manufacturing, Material Design and Development, 2D Layered Materials, Recycling, Materials Chemistry.

Mike Scarpulla

Associate Professor
Office: MEB 2138
Phone: 801-585-1231
Email: scarpulla@eng.utah.edu

Research Interest

Compound semiconductor research, laser processing of compound semiconductors, and photovoltaics. We have current projects in CdTe, CZTSSe, and III-V’s.
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Dinesh Shetty

Office: CME 311
Phone: 801-581-6449
Email: d.shetty@utah.edu

Research Interest

Design, Process and Characterize Functional and Structural Ceramics. Two specific areas of interest are designing functionally-graded carbides in Group VB metal (Ta, Nb, V) -C binary systems and magnetic-field induced texture in non-cubic oxide ceramics for optical and electro-optical applications.
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York R. Smith

Assistant Professor
Office: WBB 412
Phone: 801-581-5775
Email: york.smith@utah.edu

Research Interest

Extractive/Chemical Metallurgy; Non-Ferrous Metals Recycling; Electrochemistry and Surface Phenomena.

Hong Yong Sohn

Distinguished Professor
Office: WBB 403
Phone: 801-581-5491
Email: h.y.sohn@utah.edu

Research Interest

Chemical Synthesis of Inorganic Nanomaterials, Hydrogen Storage Materials Development, Metallurgical Process Engineering, Fluid.

Gerald Stringfellow

Distinguished Professor
Office: MEB 3110
Phone: 801-581-8387
Email: stringfellow@coe.utah.edu

Research Interests

Ceramics, advanced materials, microelectronics, and a broad range of topics related to materials science and electronics.
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Pei Sun

Research Assistant Professor
Office: WBB 506
Phone: 801-581-6031
Email: pei.sun@utah.edu

Research Interests

Powder Metallurgy; Additive Manufacturing

Ashutosh Tiwari

Office: CME 317
Phone: 801-585-1666
Email: tiwari@eng.utah.edu

Research Interest

My research is on advanced materials for application in a variety of areas including Nano-Electronics, Spintronics, Spin-Caloritronics, Thermoelectrics and Gas Sensors. We use pulsed laser deposition technique for designing new functional materials and smart structures. Our current emphasis is on Oxide and Chalcogenides based 2D materials.

Anil Virkar

Distinguished Professor
Office: CME 316-315
Phone: 801-581-5396
Email: anil.virkar@m.cc.utah.edu

Research Interest

Research interests in fuel cells, batteries, sensors, high temperature materials (ceramics), solid state and liquid state electrochemistry, materials synthesis, energy-related research.

Xuming Wang

Research Professor
Office: WBB 101
Phone: 801-585-1797
Email: x.wang@utah.edu

Research Interest

Flotation chemistry, Spectroscopy analysis at surface and interface, Industrial mineral processing, Wastewater treatment, Gypsum dehydration/rehydration processing.

Ling Zang

Office: SMBB 5543
Phone: 801-587-1551
Email: LZANG@eng.utah.edu

Research Interest

Current research interests include molecular self-assembly, organic semiconductors and nanostructures, nanoscale imaging, molecular probe, fluorescence sensing, optoelectronic sensors and nanodevices, as well as the relevant applications in solar energy conversion, and trace chemical and explosives detection.
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