Welcome to UShop! UShop is the University of Utah's online shopping system. In the UShop system you will be able to submit quotes and invoices, purchase research items via online stores and procure on-campus payments as well. To gain access to the UShop system as a shopper, you must complete the mandatory training. Please watch the videos and review the following materials in the GREEN BOX to make your adaptation to the system seamless. Once you have completed and confirmed your training it will take about 1-2 business days to grant you access to UShop.

Below are some policies specific to our department and tips to avoid some common errors.

If you have questions regarding UShop, it is highly recommended that you bookmark this site as the resources here will answer most questions. If any questions remain please contact Joshua or Kay and one of them can help troubleshoot any issues you may have.

Important UShop Announcements
Please come back here for important UShop announcements regarding system changes, policies and general reminders
MANDATORY: UShop Shopper Training
UShop Introduction & Navigation
This is an introduction to UShop, the different user roles within the system and how to login and navigate within the site. Please watch all three videos before moving onto the next training block.

Punchout Catalogs, Purchase Request & PR Quick Orders
These videos go over how to process a punchout catalog, purchase request and purchase request quick order within the UShop system. Please watch all three videos before moving onto the next training block.

Amazon Punch-Out Catalog Access

An Amazon punch-out account is a business account setup per individual UShop user, not for a department. Please take not that the email for your UShop profile is the preferred email in your CIS profile. This will also be your default Amazon account email and it cannot be edited once you setup your account.

To setup an Amazon business account for UShop please review the following document.

How to setup an Amazon Business Account

Purchase Request Handout
Please read and review the following handout. This information goes step-by-step through the purchase request process within the UShop system. Please review it before going onto the next training block.

Purchase Request Handout

It is recommended to bookmark or print this handout for future reference.

Checkout Process
These videos go over how to check your cart out in the UShop system. Please watch all four videos and review the department handouts below before moving onto the next training block.

For department shopping carts please label them in the following format: YYYYMMDD-LAST NAME OF P.I.-LAST 5 DIGITS OF ACTIVITY/PROJECT.

Example: If you were purchasing something on January 1, 2021 for Dr. Bloggs’ project 12345678 (eight digit number), you would label that cart as 20210101-BLOGGS-45678. If you were using Dr. Bloggs’ activity 12345 (five digit number) you would label the cart as 20210101-BLOGGS-12345. If you are using similar projects or activities on more than one purchase on the same day please add a “-” and then 1, 2, 3, etc. after the account on each subsequent cart.

Shopping carts that do not label their carts properly will be returned to the shopper for inclusion or correction before purchase approval will be given.

The shipping address for the MSE Administration Office is:

Materials Science & Engineering
122 S. Central Campus Drive, Room 304
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112.

Please check the shipping address at checkout since your default information could list another address. If the shipping address is different within the system you will need to manually change the address per instructions within the video. Shopping carts that do not list the proper shipping address will be returned to the shopper for correction before purchase approval will be given.

Please take note of the A/U field on the chartfield. If you are using a project (eight digit number) please leave the A/U field blank. Disregard the “empty field” warning when using a project for your shopping cart. However, if you are using an activity (five digit number) you will need to enter “1” into the A/U field before submitting your cart. Please take note of this policy, especially if you use both projects and activities.

It is important that all shopping carts include information that others in the approval process can access. Most activities and projects require a justification of the purchase, which can be met through the comment feature within the UShop system. Each shopping cart order must include an attached comment of justification. Included in the comment must be (1) what the purchase will be used for, (2) who will be using the item(s) that are being purchased and (3) where the items will be used or stored, which includes the room number and building name.

Example: If you are purchasing a new furnace that will be used by John Doe in Dr. Bloggs’ Lab in the MCE Building for the furnace research project. Your note should read something to the affect of … “The new XLRT-2001 furnace will be used by John Doe for the furnace research project in Dr. Bloggs’ Lab in 1234 MCE.” Please be concise and specific. Carts that do not include this information will be returned to the shopper for inclusion or clarification before purchase approval will be given.

Cart History
This video goes over how to track the history of a shopping cart, the comments added by approvers and progress of the order. Please watch all three videos before moving onto the next training block.

Cart Management
This video goes over how to track the history of a shopping cart, the comments added by approvers and progress of the order. Please watch all three videos before moving onto the next training block.

Document Search
This video goes over how to track the history of a shopping cart, the comments added by approvers and progress of the order. Please watch all three videos before moving onto the next training block.

UShop Training Confirmation
Once you have watched the videos, reviewed the handouts and looked over the resource materials please fill out this form to request access to the UShop system. You should be granted access within 1-2 business days, if you cannot access the system please contact Joshua to help in the matter.

UShop Shopper Training Confirmation

UShop Shopper Training Confirmation


Policies Specific to MSE

PURPOSE/LOCATION.  On the UShop checkout page, click the "Comments" tab.  Add a comment to your shopping cart saying (a) the lab where the items will be used or stored and (b) the purchase’s business purpose (what it’s for). In half a dozen words, describe how you are using the item(s) or how it/they relate to your research.  If the purchase is a service, such as machining, analyzing, or repair, make that clear -- it makes a difference for the accounting distribution.

CART NAME.  Rename your shopping cart from the default.  On the checkout page, click the pencil icon next to General Information to edit your shopping cart's name, description, and so on.  Include the date, in the format YYYY-MM-DD, your advisor’s name, and the supplier.  Alternatively, you can include your advisor's name in the comment about purpose and location.

To Add a Default Address in UShop

  • From the shopping cart, click “Proceed to Checkout”.
  • Under “Ship To / Billing Options” click on either “Required” or the pencil icon.
  • In the search box in the pop-up “Edit Ship To / Billing Options”,  type “materials  304”.
  • Click on MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING in the drop-down.  A box will open under “Ship To” with the address.  Verify it says “122 Central Campus Dr Rm 304.”
  • Edit the ATTN  line if necessary.
  • Click  the box “Add to my addresses”.
  • In the new box “Nickname”  provide a name (for instance, “CME 304”).
  • Click the box “Make default”.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the popup window.

Separate Carts

A purchase order can only be issued to a single supplier.  Think of it like a real shopping cart:  If you are buying corn chips and salsa at Smith’s, and screws at Lowe’s, you can’t put it all in one cart.

Always make a separate cart for each supplier.   If you already have a cart that hasn’t been submitted and you do more shopping (especially from a punch-out catalog), UShop will put the new items in your existing cart. That’s good if you are shopping from the same supplier but bad if you are shopping from a different supplier.

Before clicking on the supplier button, create a new empty cart.  Click on the Cart Icon on the left tool bar; My Carts and Orders; View Carts.  Click on the button saying Create Cart at the far right. Doing this will keep the old cart waiting for you and begin a new cart to shop at another supplier.

If you forget and end up with a cart with two suppliers, sometime you can move items to a new cart.  Not all punchout catalogs allow this.

Orders in a cart with more than one supplier have to be separated before purchase orders can be issued. Since you know what you want, you’re less likely to make a mistake splitting them than if your requisitioner or if UShop does it.


Accounting Distribution

The project or activity goes in the shortcut box.  UShop will fill in most of the other boxes, except the account and the A/U.  The account will usually, not always, be 62600 for lab supplies.  Services such as analysis or machining are account 66300.  The A/U is 1 for an activity (a five-digit accounting shortcut) and it is left blank for a project (an eight-digit shortcut).

Revising, Replacing, or Closing a Purchase Order

Once a purchase order has been issued, if you are canceling the order for any reason, always notify the company. Ask your requisitioner to close the purchase order.

If you need to revise a purchase order, consult with your requisitioner, who will submit a change request. A typical reason for revising a purchase order is if the prices shown on the purchase order aren't correct, and the supplier has asked for a revised purchase order.  A revised purchase may or may not need to be sent to the supplier.  A purchase order to the wrong supplier or division of a supplier must be closed and a new purchase order issued.

If you want an additional item from the supplier after submitting your cart, it is better to createa new order.