This form is for reimbursable non-travel purchases, which include —

    • Lab/office supplies.
    • Membership fees and dues (i.e.- national association dues, periodical subscriptions, registration fees, etc.).
    • Business meals.

To expedite the reimbursement process please make sure you attach an itemized receipt, which includes —

    • Itemized list of purchase(s) from the vendor(s).
    • A charge to a credit/bank card, mobile payment service or payment via cash or check. If the receipt does not show a form of payment via a card, mobile payment service or check you can attach a bank statement showing the charge with your documentation. All reimbursement requests paid via cash will need a receipt indicating cash payment.
    • Charged tax. All transactions must be charged tax, per Utah state law, when using personal funds to purchase goods and services for the University. Requests will be rejected if tax is not charged on purchases where it is appropriate to have tax charged. 

Requisitioners may attach multiple receipts from various vendors in a single requisition under the same charged project/activity. Please request a new reimbursement for each used project/activity. If you have questions about the reimbursement process or this form please email Joshua at

FORM: Reimbursement
Replace the U with 0.
Project is 8 numbers long, activity is 5 numbers long.
Maximum upload size: 51.2MB
Maximum upload size: 51.2MB