WELCOME! We are excited to be hosting you this summer in the ReUSE REU Summer Program here at the University of Utah and the beautiful state of Utah! We have no doubt that you will enjoy the program and extracurricular summer activities surrounding you here.

If you are joining us from out of state, we will be booking your flights between your home airport and Salt Lake City (SLC) International Airport through Delta Airlines. We will book your flight to Salt Lake City anytime between Friday, May 31 and Sunday, June 2. Your return flight will be coordinated with you by July 1st. Josh will work with you to find acceptable flights upon you filling out the below form.

If you are driving to campus using a personal car, please fill out the below form indicating your decision. We will reimburse your mileage and gas for one round trip between your home and campus, this includes Utah residents who may be commuting to campus throughout the duration of the program. Please keep in mind that we can only reimburse you for mileage up to the cost of the average cost of airfare between your local airport and SLC International Airport.

Please fill out the below form and we will start the processing of booking your flights. If you have questions regarding car travel please email Josh.

ReUSE Travel Registration Form
Please use name used on Government issued documentations and ID.
For housing/lodging please select below *
This is required by airlines for all flight reservations.
Please provide the address of the email you regularly check.
Address *
Departure dates should be between May 31 and June 2.
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