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Are you interested in sustainable materials engineering? Apply to our summer research program!

The ReUSE REU program will train undergraduates in principles of sustainable materials engineering through a 10-week deeply embedded learning experience alongside skilled mentors. All research projects involve sustainability and are broken into three core areas: water, energy, and resources.
All participants will have travel and lodging paid for and will receive a $6,000 stipend as well as some funds to support lab expenses and instrument costs. The 10-week event will run from May 31 until August 6.
ReUSE Participants will form part of a larger summer research cohort at the University of Utah. Over 100 undergraduate students from across the country including participants from the Physics, Chemistry, and Atmospheric Sciences REUs will meet regularly for cohort-building social activities, professional development, trainings, and the end-of-summer research symposium.

Summer will kick off with a three-day excursion to three different destinations to showcase the three subareas of emphasis for the ReUSE program. Day 1: Students will travel to the Great Salt Lake’s Antelope Island and then to the Red Butte Water Conservation Research Center. The students will visit the island and canyon reservoir to discuss the impact of climate change, growing population, and water consumption on critical environmental systems like the Great Salt Lake and Red Butte Canyon. Day 2: Students will travel to southern Utah to visit the FORGE site (Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy) which is a dedicated underground field laboratory for developing, testing, and accelerating in geothermal research and technology. Students will spend the night near beautiful Bryce Canyon which has excellent hiking and camping options. Day 3: Students will travel to St. George Utah to visit Dixie Metal Recycling where a discussion will be led on resources, recycling, and reducing landfill mass. Before traveling home students will be able to visit nearby Zion National Park and see the incredible beauty of this place by hiking through the Narrows.

Energy: replacing critical, toxic, or expensive elements with more sustainable alternatives in order to enable renewable or low-carbon energy technologies.
Water: providing access to clean water through desalination, water purification, and modeling of potential toxins in water and soil.
Resources: recycling and reducing landfill mass by developing biodegradable packaging and capturing rare metals via recycling of e-waste.

Research Mentors and Projects*

mentor online option project
Krista Carlson yes Low-energy water purification using an electrocatalytic device
Michael Simpson no Molten salt transfer fluids for concentrating solar power
York Smith yes Sustainable lithium extraction
York Smith yes Green processing of lithium-ion batteries for recycling
Mike Scarpulla yes Ga2O3 for high efficiency power switching and conversion
Taylor Sparks yes Materials informatics for the discovery of new energy materials
Taylor Sparks yes Prevention of struvite formation in wastewater treatment facilities
Michael Free no Recycling metal from e-waste
Michael Free no Extraction and Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Coal Wasterare-earth elements
Dmitry Bedrov yes Modeling the behavior of toxic fluorinated surfactants in aqueous environments
Jeff Bates yes Sustainable biodegradable alternative packaging materials
Jeff Bates yes superabsorbent hydrogels
Huiwen Ji yes Cation order and Li diffusion in complex oxide anodes
Ashutosh Tiwari ??? Oxide-based thermoelectric materials for waste heat recovery
Swomitra Mohanty ??? Hydration and soil condition monitoring in commercial landscapes

ReUSE has been designed to welcome and support underrepresented students from a variety of backgrounds in a highly inclusive environment. Pacific Islander, Latino/a, and refugee applicants are strongly encouraged.

Applications will be accepted from 1/10/2021 until 3/1/2021 for priority consideration with  and applicants will be notified for acceptance with rolling acceptance.
Applicants will need to send transcripts, 2 letters of recommendation through our online application. To submit application complete the information found HERE.

ReUSE is sponsored by the National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program. Award #1950589