DS-2019 Documents

DS-2019 International Visitor Request Form

DS-2019 Questionnaire

Position Disclosure Form

English Proficiency Form

Health Insurance Compliance Form



These forms are to be filled out and submitted by the sponsoring Professors. Any documents completed and submitted by visitors will not be accepted.

We aim to make the DS-2019 process as quick and painless as possible on our part. As the sponsoring Professor it is your responsibility to be aware of the policies and procedures to assure the paperwork and application is completed correctly. Please read the following information carefully, if you have questions regarding the procedure please contact Joshua in the Materials Science & Engineering (MS&E) Offices.

Before completing and submitting the needed paperwork your International visitor must be approved by the DS-2019 Visitor Review Committee, comprised of three full-time MS&E faculty members. To gain this approval, please fill out the DS-2019 International Visitor Request Form.

You will need to include a copy of your visitor's passport, CV, proof of funding and offer letter. Once these documents are submitted the committee will review the request form and documents and give approval. Approval should take 2-3 business days. 

Once approval is given  please upload and complete the needed documents (see left column) and then submit them here. Joshua will gather these documents and fill out the DS-2019 application while gathering needed signatures. This process typically takes 4-5 business days.

Once signatures, documents and needed paperwork is collected the application will be hand delivered to the International Center for processing. It typically takes 2-3 weeks to process the application through the International Center. This includes background checks, federal government processing, etc. Once the application is complete the International Center will notify the MS&E Department. Joshua will then FedEx the documents to the visitor.

In all, the process to attain the proper DS-2019 paperwork is 4-5 weeks. When making offers please keep this in mind so your visitor can schedule their needed Visa interviews, etc.

If you have questions about this process, please contact Joshua in the MSE Offices (304 CME).