If you would like the department to pay for your pre-conference fees, instead of seeking reimbursement post-travel these are the steps you need to take ...

  • Fill out the form found below.
    • All fields are required, including a URL, conference cost and account information for payment.
    • Please note that you will need the project/activity number you want used to pay for your fees.
  • Once approval for the use of funds is received by the MSE administration, Joshua will contact you to setup an appointment to process conference payment.
    • The department credit card cannot be given to attendees via email or the phone, conference payment must be done in person in the MSE Offices (304 CME) via an appointment.
  • Please bring a personal laptop or borrow one from the MSE Offices to register for your conference to your appointment with Josh.
    • You will need to register for your conference up to the point of payment.
    • Josh will enter the department credit card at the checkout stage of your conference registration.
  • Upon completion of the payment you will need to send a receipt and conference schedule to Joshua.
    • Please email receipts and documentation to Joshua.

Please contact Joshua with any questions you have about this process.

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