With the ongoing pandemic the University has extended all domestic and international travel restrictions until at least the end of the 2021 Spring semester. These restrictions have caused many academic conferences to either be cancelled or held virtually. Because of these restrictions the Materials Science & Engineering department is not registering travel or booking airfare. Please be mindful of these restrictions as approval for any reimbursement must be pre-approved by the MSE administration, College and University.

Because conferences are being held virtually, the MSE Department can assist attendees procuring payment for conference fees. It is not a requirement to have the department pay your registration fees, attendees can pay their fees and submit a reimbursement request (form found here). But, we understand that conference fees can get expensive, so we can use the department's credit card to pay the fees.

If you would like the department to pay for your pre-conference fees, these are the steps to take ...

  • Fill out the form found below.
    • All fields are required, including a URL, conference cost and account information for payment.
    • Please note that you will need the project/activity number you want used to pay for your fees.
  • Once approval for the use of funds is received by the MSE administration, Joshua will contact you to setup an appointment to process conference payment.
    • The department credit card cannot be given to attendees via email or the phone, conference payment must be done in person in the MSE Offices (304 CME) via an appointment.
  • The MSE Offices (304 CME) has a common use computer you are welcomed to use to register and process your conference fees.
    • For your safety this computer is disinfected and cleaned after every use.
    • You are welcome to bring a personal laptop to your appointment.
  • Upon completion of the payment you will need to send a receipt and conference schedule to Joshua.
    • Please email receipts and documentation to Joshua.

Please contact Joshua with any questions you have about this process.

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