The Materials Science & Engineering Department uses FedEx through University Print & Mail Services as their preferred carrier for domestic and international packages, including non-hazardous samples. If you have need to send dangerous or regulated materials (HAZMAT) you must use other air-bills and must be picked up directly by FedEx. Please contact Joshua with questions regarding HAZMAT packages.

To generate a shipping label please fill out the form below. Please make sure you have the proper information before filling out the form. You will need the following ...

  • The desired speed of delivery: overnight, priority, standard, second business day, ground service, etc.
  • The package's measurements: weight, length, width and depth.
  • Recipient's name, company name (if applicable), complete shipping address, email address, phone number.
  • The account information for delivery payment: project/activity and advisor/account P.I.'s information.

Upon submission of the form below, please allow a minimum of one business day for a label to be generated. Joshua will email you the label for your package. You will then be responsible for packing and delivering your shipment to one of the designated FedEx drop-off locations as noted below.

Please contact Joshua with any questions you have about the University of Utah's FedEx services.

FedEx Label Request Form

Please select a valid form

FedEx Drop-off Locations

Please note that FedEx packages shipped through the University will be lost if dropped off at a FedEx location. Your FedEx packages must be processed through University Print & Mail Services before being shipped.

Radiology 729 Arapeen Dr. - Back Room 3:15pm
School of Business 1655 Central Campus Drive - Dock 3:25pm
Chemistry Department 315 S 1400 E Storeroom 3:35pm
Biology Department 257 South 1400 East, Rm 201 3:45pm
Park Building 201 Presidents Circle - 1st Floor Lobby 3:50pm
Merril Engineering 50 Central Campus Dr. 4:00pm
USTAR - Bioengineering 36 South Wasatch Drive - 3rd Floor 4:05pm
EEJMRB (Biochemistry & Pathology) 15 North Medical Drive East, 2nd Floor 4:20pm
BPRB (Bio-Polymers Research Building) 20 South 2030 East - 2nd Floor Mail Room 4:25pm
EIHG (Human Genetics) 15 North 2030 East, Rm 2100 4:30pm
Huntsman Cancer Hospital 1950 Circle of Hope Drive 4:35pm
Huntsman Cancer Institute 2000 Circle of Hope Drive, LL376 4:40pm
Maxwell Wintrobe Research 26 North Medical Drive - 3rd Floor 4:45pm
University Print & Mail Services V. Randall Turpin
University Services Building (USB)
1795 E South Campus Dr. Rm 135
M-F, 8am to 5pm