Building & Room Key Requests Processed by Kay

  • WBB – Browning Building (011)
  • FASB – Sutton Building (012)
  • MPL – Mineral Processing Lab (058)
  • ITL – Mining Systems Research Lab (059)

For building and room access for the CME, HEDCO and CME buildings please click here.


  • Please fill out this key request. You may need to tell it to “open with another viewer” and select Acrobat.
  • Print and sign the key request form before getting your advisor’s signature.
  • Scan the signed request and email it to Kay. Please scan the form and not take a picture of it with a cameraphone.
  • Pay the $10 per key deposit here. Deposits are required before keys will be issued.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for keys to be processed and issued. Requestors will be notified via email to pick up the keys in the MSE Administration Office (304 CME).

Key Request Form Instructions

  • Put the building number, not name or abbreviation — WBB (011), FASB (012), MPL (058) and ITL (059).
  • Please leave the fields for issue and hook blank — Building Access fills this information out.
  • If you have lost keys and need replacements, select “KEYS ARE LOST” from the dropdown menu right of the box listing the keys.
  • If you are requesting a new key when a lock is changed, select “ROOM IS BEING REKEYED” and put the work request number (if known) in the field below the dropdown menu.
  • If you are taking over keys from another person, select “TRANSFERRED FROM” and put their name in the field below the drop menu. Please remember that a deposit cannot be transferred from another person.


All students and visitors are required to pay a key deposit prior to gaining access to keyed buildings and labs. Deposits can be paid here. This deposit is refundable when keys are returned upon graduation or end of need.

Please take note of the following about key deposits —

  • A new deposit is required to replace lost keys.
  • Deposits cannot be transferred between people.
  • If a key is transferred between others the old owner will get their deposit returned while the new owner will need to pay a deposit for the transferred key.
  • Deposits can be transferred if you are returning unneeded keys for access to a different lab/room.
  • If a room or lab is rekeyed (locks changed) your deposit will transfer to the new key dependent upon you exchange the old key for the new one.