The Student Advisory Council, or SAC, is a student group established to promote communication and interaction among students, faculty, staff, and administrators. USAC is both an academic and social organization for the department. It is designed to promote academic and social activities, perform and facilitate the Faculty Retention, Promotion, and Tenure Program (RPT), provide service opportunities, encourage participation in the departmental activities, and promote academic achievement. The SAC is the voice of the undergraduate student body in Materials Science and Engineering Department. 


Undergraduate Student Advisory Council


Graduate Student Advisory Council

Chair: Richard Otero
Vice Chair: Joshua Winger
Secretary: Jared Bunn
Treasurer: Anders Bleak
Social Coordinator - Manager: Barrett Falbaum
Social Coordinator: Zachary Luscher
Social Coordinator: Nicole Mortensen
Outreach Coordinator - Manager: Amber Barron
Outreach Coordinator: Chase Attermann
Outreach Coordinator: Brennan Theler
Freshman Coordinator - Manager: Chris Hancock
Freshman Coordinator: Ryan Davis

Chair: Marcus Parry
Vice Chair: David Maginnetti