Please fill out the below form for ALL post-travel reimbursements. If you need to cancel airfare because of the COVID-19 travel restrictions that were arranged with Joshua please fill out this form. If you have any questions regarding travel please email Joshua directly.

NOTE: The University and department will be moving to a new travelling system come May 1st, 2020. Please look for more information about training from Joshua in the near future.

Post-Travel Registration Form
Please use name used on Government issued documentations and ID.
Replace the "u" in your uNID number with a 0.
Please provide University issue email
Please include city and state or country.
A numeric account or project number is required for all travel registration forms.
The PI of the stated account/project is required. If you are the PI please note "SELF" in the comment form.
Please mark all that apply.
Please explain in DETAIL the purpose of your trip -- what conference you are attending and with whom you are meeting with and why.
If you are attending a conference, please mark all that apply.
Conference/Meeting Registration Receipt
Maximum upload size: 15.36MB
Conference Documentation (please provide a brochure, print out of session you presented or other meeting documentation showing your name).
Maximum upload size: 15.36MB
Hotel Receipt
Maximum upload size: 15.36MB
Car Rental and/or Gas Receipts
Maximum upload size: 15.36MB
Taxi, Bus/Shuttle, Uber/Lyft Receipts
Maximum upload size: 15.36MB
Misc. Travel Expenses (airfare, poster printing, internet access, etc.)
Maximum upload size: 15.36MB