Materials Science and Engineering Foundational Requirement

Students choose one of the following 2000-level classes. This requirement is one 1.5 to 3 credit class that prepares students for advanced technical electives and their unique interests in materials science. Students using a catalogue year older than Fall 23 automatically have ECE 2200/2210 as a requirement on their Degree Audit and will need an exception applied to their Degree Audit so that the class fulfills their graduation requirements. To those students, please email the academic advisor to request a class (other than ECE 2200/2210) to be added to your Degree Audit. *Note: Several of these courses require major status within the related department. To register for the class, you may have to request a permission code from the department that teaches the class. You can find the permission code request forms here.

Foundational Requirement

ECE 2200/2210 – Electrical and Computer Engineering
ME EN 2650 – Manufacturing for Engineering Systems
ME EN 2450 – Numerical Methods for Engineering Systems
CH EN 2450 – Numerical Methods
CHEM 2320 – Organic Chemistry II
ME EN 2550 – Probability and Stats for Engineering
CVEEN 2750 – Computer Tools