Building & Room Key Requests Processed by Joshua

  • CME – Civil & Materials Engineering Building (056)
  • HEDCO – Hedco Building (057)
  • MCE – Meldrum Civil Engineering Building (061)

For building and room access to the WBB, FASB, MPL and ITL buildings please click here.

Key Pad & CCURE Access

For access to labs with key pad or CCURE access a key request or deposit is not needed. Access codes for these rooms/labs are kept by the responsible faculty member/lab manager. Please contact them for an access code. Key pad access is installed on most labs in the MCE (061) and all second floor labs in HEDCO (057). If you are requesting access to a building that has a key pad or CCURE access you will be required to fill out a key request, but won’t be required to pay a deposit upon given access.

If you have questions about key pad or CCURE access please contact Josh.


  • Please fill out this key request.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for keys to be processed and issued. Requestors will be notified via email to pick up the keys in the MSE Administration Office (304 CME).
  • Pay the $20 cash only deposit in the MSE Admin Offices. Deposits are required before keys will be issued and may be done upon receiving keys.


All students and visitors are required to pay a key deposit prior to gaining access to keyed buildings and labs. This deposit is refundable when ALL issued keys are returned upon graduation or end of need. A new $20 deposit will be required to replace lost keys.

Please take note that deposits cannot be transferred between people.