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MSE Technical Electives

Students are required to complete four 5000 level or above courses for the technical elective requirement. Please select two courses from
Section 1
one course from Section 2, and one course from Section 3. All courses are 3-4 credit hours, and must be passed with a ā€œCā€ grade or better.

Section 1

Materials Science and Engineering

Two (2) MSE courses from the approved list below.

Note: MSE 5050 courses are special topics and will vary each semester. Students many take multiple sections of MSE 5050 to fulfill the tech elective requirement, so long as the same topic is not repeated.


  • MSE 5073 - Nanostructured Materials: Science & Technology
  • MSE 5074 - Photovoltaic Materials & Solar Cells
  • MSE 5353 - Physical Ceramics
  • MSE 5475 - Introduction of Composites


Offered Spring 2017 

  • MSE 5050 - Materials Innovation



 Occasionally Offer

  • MSE 5055 - Microsystems Design & Characterization
  • MSE 5040 - Introduction to Modern Biomaterials

Section 2

Metallurgical Engineering

One (1) Metallurgical Engineering (MET E) course from the approved list below.



  • MET E 5290 - Principles and Practice of Nanoscience and Technology

Occasionally Offered

Section 3


One (1) course must either Nuclear Engineering (NUCL), Mechanical Engineering (ME EN), or Metallurgical Engineering from the approved list below. For additional options, please speak with the MSE Academic Advsior. 


  • NUCL 5030 - Nuclear Principles in Engineering & Science
  • MET E 5320 - Materials Engineering & Environment


Occasionally Offered

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