Two from Sparks Group win 2014 Governor's Energy Leadership Scholarship

Spark Schaolrship

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Dr. Taylor Sparks, Ph.D. and the Department of Materials Science & Engineering are proud to congratulate both Leila Ghadbeigi (Ph.D. candidate) and Matthew Judge (B.S. candidate) on each receiving one of four Governor Energy Leadership research awards worth $15,000 each. The purpose of the program is to develop Utah's next generation of talent for scientific and engineering innovation leadership while addressing Utah's unique energy challenge with cutting-edge solutions.

Leila's project, “Evaluation of cold temperature performance of PCM Based TMS in Hybrid Electric vehicles” will focus on the performance evaluation of PCM (Phase Change Material) based Thermal Management System in cold ambient temperature. Advantages, such as the PCM keeping the battery package warm during short stops, will be compared with drawbacks such as delaying battery warming after a long cold soak.

Matt's project, "High-performance Mg2Si nanostructured thermoelectric materials" is a project designed to maximize thermoelectric power generation by relying on earth- and Utah-abundant Mg2Si materials that have been nanostructured with careful porosity control to both reduce the amount of material required while improving thermoelectric performance.

Both Leila and Matt's project will be guided under the guiding hand of Dr. Sparks and will be a great benefit to his group and the department.

We again congratulate Matt and Leila on this great accomplishment.